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Digital Nomads And World Travelers


The workplace is changing. As more jobs become remote, growing numbers of us are choosing to explore the world, working from wherever we choose to roam. Don’t leave your yoga practice behind.


Yoga is the cure for so many of the challenges facing digital nomads, from work and travel related stress, to physical discomfort from an active and working lifestyle, to anxiety from navigating ever-changing landscapes and cultures. But how do you maintain and deepen your practice without a home studio and steady teacher to turn to?


Yogatrotter.com is your answer.


With yoga and meditation guides and courses focused on all aspects of a digital nomad’s life — from travel and culture, to work and stress — Yogatrotter is specifically tailored to meet the mindful needs of working travelers.

How we can help you

Increase your

Do you find it hard to access your creativity? Does your attention easily drift from the task-at-hand with every momentary pause? Does being your own boss or dealing with clients make you stressed?


With our yoga and meditation programs, your focus, productivity, and peace of mind will improve drastically.

Find your

Can you sit in silence, alone at a cafe, without reaching for your phone? Do you read the entire internet before falling asleep at night? Are you traveling, but not really experiencing?


Our meditation guides teach you to be in the present and finally live your life to the fullest.

Create your

Does your back hurt from hunching over your laptop and slumping in airports? Do you wish you could quiet your mind? Yoga helps you feel better, look better, and perform better.


Our online courses can help you reach your full body and mind potential today.

Our methods

Vinyawesome Yoga and Meditation Guides - About Us - Yoga Course
Strengthen and heal your body

Are you sitting with your legs crossed right now? Take a second to recross them the opposite way. Feels weird, right? When was the last time you switched which shoulder you carry your bag on, or which side of the bed you sleep on?


Even if our surroundings are constantly changing, we all form habitual patterns that lead to imbalances in the body. Our bodies are capable of truly amazing things, but our lifestyles rarely use them to their full potential.


Whether you need relief from sitting on planes, hunched over your laptop, or training hard for a certain sport, yoga helps counteract our habits to create strong, centered, capable bodies.

Vinyawesome Yoga and Meditation Course - About Us - Meditation Course
Quiet your racing  mind

I was shocked recently to find out how many of my friends can’t fall asleep at night without the TV on. They say their minds are constantly racing with anxiety, and they hate the silence. If you’re like that, the thought of sitting quietly and trying to meditate probably sounds miserable. But try this: after thinking this next sentence to yourself, close your eyes and wait to see how quiet your brain becomes.


Think: I wonder what my next thought will be.


Pretty quiet, huh? Starting with just a few minutes a day, you can build up to a full meditation practice that will finally allow you to break free of your racing thoughts and just BE, in the moment.

Vinyawesome Yoga and Meditation Guides About Us - Compassion and Love
Spread love

Have you ever taken a moment to really listen to the things you’re telling yourself, especially when faced with a challenge? Do you talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend? Are you hard on yourself, or do you cut yourself some slack? Our internal monologues dictate so much of our perspectives, reactions, and levels of confidence in our lives.


We start by treating ourselves with love and compassion, and then learn to radiate this out to all we meet, treating all beings with loving kindness.


To prove our commitment to peace, love, and compassion, a portion of all Vinyawesome Yoga proceeds will go towards charities here in Indonesia.

Vinyawesome Yoga and Meditation Guides - About Us - Mindfulness Course
Find presence and peace

Technology is awesome. Right now, I hold the sum of the world’s knowledge in my pocket, thanks to my cell phone. The days of paper maps are over, but how often to we waste a trip with our head buried in our phone instead?


As travelers, we meet incredible people from all different cultures. And we also find ourselves in moments of silence, waiting in line, alone in hotels, or surrounded by people who don’t speak our language–and yet, we rarely take advantage of those moments by being mindful and present with ourselves.


Can you imagine what you’d achieve if, instead of playing Candy Crush in line at immigration, you had brainstormed ideas for that big work project? Or struck up a conversation with the person next to you? Your creativity and life experience expand exponentially when you build mindfulness into your day.

About Megan & Yogatrotter

As a 500-hour certified yoga instructor trained in Bali, Indonesia, I’ve discovered an overwhelming passion for helping my peers succeed and find peace and courage in their lives. I spent three years teaching yoga in Japan and traveling all throughout Asia, learning as much as I could about meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, so that I can better teach those seeking to quiet the mind. I’m now back in Bali, hosting yoga retreats, teaching at instructor trainings, and creating the online courses here at Yogatrotter.com.


At Yogatrotter, we’re currently producing a series of courses to help digital nomads like you achieve the success you deserve in all of your life endeavors through the calming power of yoga and meditation. Subscribe to the newsletter and be first in line when the guides are made available.


Love and light,



Vinyawesome Yoga and Meditation Guides Founder Megan Mulrine